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What to Know About Workers' Compensation in Colorado

Workers' compensation law was established to protect employees who sustain injuries while working. Prior to the establishment of workers' compensation laws, workers were not entitled to any compensation for lost wages due to work-related injuries. Now, all US states have workers' compensation laws on the books, and it is important that both employees and employers understand the law.

Colorado Law

All employers in Colorado (with few exceptions) must carry workers' compensation insurance. An employer may require that injured employees seek medical attention from a specific medical provider. If an employer does not specify a medical provider at the time of the employee's injury, then the employee may choose any medical provider.

Under Colorado law, workers injured on the job must report the injury to their employer in writing within four working days. If the employer has already been notified verbally of the injury, a written notification must be sent as well. A compensation claim may still be filed even if a worker is late in reporting an injury to an employer, although the worker may be penalized through reduced compensation.

Compensation Disputes

If a disagreement arises about whether or not an injured employee is entitled to workers' compensation benefits for an injury, it is the worker's responsibility to initiate a dispute. The worker would need to contact the insurance adjuster to discuss the claim and why it was denied. If necessary, an injured worker may request a hearing and present evidence that the claim should be paid. The final outcome will be determined based on the facts and evidence presented.

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