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Workers' Compensation

To protect your business and employees, it's vital to choose the right insurance plans. SIC analyzes your risks and needs, navigates the complicated landscape of law and regulation, and finds the most cost-efficient options. Get the right coverage at the lowest cost. And rest easy— we've got you covered.

Protecting Your Employees and Your Business

Workers' Compensation Insurance provides both you and your employees with peace of mind.

Here's how it works: as an employer, you pay an insurance premium for workers' compensation insurance. If an employee sustains any injury or develops any disability or disease through the course of their work with your business, the policy goes into effect and compensates him or her for medical costs, lost wages, and, if necessary, long-term or permanent disability.

By providing this insurance, you also protect your business against liability—workers must agree not to sue your company in the case of job-related injury or health issues.

Navigating the Red Tape

The rules regarding Workers' Compensation are state-mandated and differ from state to state. These rules can be complicated and often change over time. In order to protect your business from massive liability, it's vital to comply with and maintain the minimum requirements of your state.

With the cost of workers' compensation claims on the rise, and with the rules of worker's comp varying from state to state, it's important to have the right PEO to help you to manage costs and reduce claims.

With our in-depth knowledge of state-by-state regulations, we can help you save money by meeting workers' compensation requirements in a cost-effective way, and by finding you the right plan at the right price with the maximum coverage.

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